Eslite Living Linkou

Commercial Space

Eslite Living Linkou

Linkou, Taiwan

Every city has its own appearance and lifestyle culture; TL Architects & DL Design in cooperation with the Eslite Corp., established the “Eslite Living Linkou” in the Linkou MITSUI OUTLET PARK. In architect Dolly Lin’s design concept, Eslite is described as “ Taiwan’s leading entrance to reading trend”; when combined with Linkou’s special geography, culture and location, it is possible to build the “ Eslite Living Linkou” full of forests and children’s fun. Here you can really feel a mood that differs from other Eslite locations, a place with its unique self elegance.

Architect Dolly Lin’s design team from TL Architects & DL Design has blended life-related elements such as “Walking in a forest”, “Reading under a tree”, “Picnic under a tree” and “Tree houses” full of childhood memories into the design, and also integrated into the entire circulation. Light-colored wood décor and warm lighting are used in this space, and the tree-shaped large and small cabinets and different height tables and placed in a scattered pattern, acting in concert with book lovers’ steps inside the bookstore, and also transform Eslite Life into a space filled with a “Playful forest: Reading environment for books and trees”.

Eslite Living Linkou is divided into two themed shops: ”The Eslite Bookstore” and “Eslite EXPO”. In the bookstore’s main reading room stands a large tree with budding branches, warmly welcoming the literary and artistic crowd. When looking up, through the trees braches, you can see the lights as numerous as stars, filling the space with a different mood. Windows panes are inlaid with tree house-shaped cabinets, and because of false/true perspective effects, customers are driven to check these cabinets by themselves. Entering the bookstore’s core, the first thing to reach your eyes is the best-selling books area and the service counter, full of ingenuities, and circulation arrangements ingenuously guide guests to stroll in the book area; they only need to look up to see the tree shades on the ceiling, strool in the forest and pick up books to be read under a tree. Large and small style tree houses are set in the respective visual foci as surprises for the guests for find during the stroll, and many relaxed, natural wild spirits are dancing in the space.

The “Blackpages Café” at the other end of the bookstore, filled with the aroma of coffee, will make you slow down, and enjoy and savor the coffee surrounded by the scholarly and natural atmosphere. The “Eslite children’s house” at the terminal end is one of the highlight! This “Eslite children’s house” with an area of nearly 200 square meters, is a key project of the Eslite Living Linkou, and its most attractive point is the lovely tree houses placed on the branches; contours ladder seats placed underneath the tree house let the children enjoy the fun of reading under the embrace of the tree and the tree house.

Walking to the other end of the Eslite EXPO shows a completely different atmosphere; trees lines extend from floor to ceiling, and steel pieces presented as branches display a sense of modern industry trend. Here is young adult’s paradise; this natural tree house contains Taiwanese designers’ culture and creativity, and filled with contemporary culture and creative thinking.